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10 Reasons Why The MDRNTY Cruise Is The Party Of A Life Time

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The first journey devoted to the underground scene that we all know and love will be setting sail from September 16 – 20 for what’s shaping up to be one hell of a trip.

The MDRNTY Cruise begins at the beautiful setting of Genoa in Italy, taking you through the likes of Barcelona, Mallorca and even a stop off at the party capital of the world, Ibiza.

Experience a four-night journey through the Mediterranean sea onboard the luxurious MSC Magnifica while you dance your holiday away to some of the biggest names in dance music!

Here are our 10 reasons why the MDRNTY Cruise is the party of a lifetime!


You’re partying on a Cruise.

The backbone of the MDRNTY Cruise is to create an atmosphere like no other. You will be spending 4 very special days on one of the biggest cruise ships in Europe. It’ll be like a 4-day long boat party where you can live VIP lifestyle as you dance, drink and party through the heart of the Mediterranean.

The line up is outstanding.

Imagine being on one of the biggest cruise ships in Europe with a bottle of Corona or a Vodka and Redbull in your hand, travelling through the Mediterranean and seeing the likes of Jamie Jones, Dixon, Sven Väth, Archie Hamilton and many more. Each day you spend on the MDRNTY Cruise will showcase a different sound of dance music to keep you satisfied throughout your entire stay.


The weather will be immaculate.

If you’re worried about getting a tan, there won’t be any problem once you’re camped on the MDRNTY Cruise. Making its way through the heart of the Mediterranean which is one of the hottest places on earth coming to the end of Summer. It’ll be one of the last places that will have sunshine before the cold weather comes knocking on our doors.

Be wined and dined like you’ve never experienced before.

When we say that you’ll be living the VIP lifestyle, we really meant it! The MDRNTY Cruise has a magnificent selection of rich cuisine and places to grab a bite to eat. If you’re looking for top quality food, you won’t be disappointed on board. It even has various different themed bars. 12 to be exact!

Travel to some of the most beautiful locations in Europe.

The MDRNTY Cruise sets sail from one of the most elegant locations in Europe. Genoa Italy is rich in the provenance’s history which is a good starting point. It then makes a stop at Barcelona where you can witness the amazing city for yourself. After that, you’ll be making your way to Mallorca where you can sit back, relax and prepare yourself for the journey’s final destination, the party capital of the world known as Ibiza. If you’re not familiar with what happens on the white isle, just prepare yourself!

MDRNTY Cruise Ibiza Club News

Creating a very unique “Festival Experience”.

It’s basically a 4 day festival on one of the biggest cruises in Europe. The aim for MDRNTY Cruise is to create an atmosphere as though you were at a festival as you dance the journey away to some of your favourite DJs but rather than camping, you have the pleasure of an actual cabin all to you and whoever sets sail with you on this incredible journey.

Revitalize your mind, body and soul.

If you need to cure the hangover from the night before, the MDRNTY Cruise has a host of relaxation and spa treatments to have you prepared for another heavy night of partying! It also has indoor and outdoor pools as well as a miniature golf course!

If you’re worried about not keeping fit, MDRNTY Cruise has you covered.

That’s right, the MDRNTY Cruise even has a fully equipped gym on board. If you’re feeling like you need to get a sweat on or lift some weights before another big night on it, you don’t need to worry about a thing

The last thing you’ll be on the MDRNTY Cruise is bored.

If you’re looking to keep entertained during the day and want to get away from all the hectic partying that will be going on, you can head over to the MDRNTY Cruise’s bowling alley, billiards room and the sports centre, right on time for when our beloved Premiership is back on our screens!

You will stop off at the party capital of the world.

Ibiza is the capital of the clubbing world that we all know and love. The White Isle is a bucket list goal in your life. Who wouldn’t want to live the stories that you’ve heard while partying in Ibiza? From the super clubs like Hï Ibiza, Pacha and Amnesia to the more secluded areas of Bora Bora Beach. You’ll be able to finally witness it all!

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