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10 Signs You’re A True Ibiza Veteran

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Do you consider yourself a true Ibiza veteran? Everyone would like to think of themselves as an Ibiza veteran but what is it that separates the part-timers from the real veterans? We’ve compiled an essential list to do just that!

You have used the words “Ibiza is not what it used to be” at least once

Change is very often a good thing. New experiences with new people are always exciting prospects but no matter what everyone says, many don’t like to embrace change. Most people’s fondest memories of the island are of when they arrived first. Their first few seasons where they fell in love with the island. As the island grows and changes you lose things you loved from the start so it’s only natural that people will feel that “Ibiza is not what it used to be”. Whether they’re right or not is another question entirely!

Carl Cox Ibiza 1990s

If you spent a night Ket Cove

For those of you who have never spent a night at ket cove you can cross yourself off the Ibiza veterans list right now. Ket Cove is a special place. Not particularly the most glamorous side to the island but certainly a right of passage for all!

Ket Cove Ibiza Piece

If you know what to order in The Burger King on your way home, before getting there

If the walls inside the Burger King in Ibiza airport could talk they would tell some hilarious stories of the poor souls who were defeated by the island. There have been some creatures holding on for dear life at those tables and you’re not a real veteran if you don’t have one of those stories yourself!

Burger King Ibiza Veteran

If you remember the sex shows at Manumission

The sex shows at Manumission were a sight to behold. It’s hard to imagine happening now but it wasn’t that long ago that you would see live sex shows on stage during one of the island most fabled nights, Manumission, in the world’s largest club, Privilege. Manumission was the height of Ibiza’s hedonism during Privilege’s boom years. It was the club and the night to go to.

Manumission 1998 Live Sex Shows

If you remember “real” outdoor clubbing

A time when outdoor terraces really were outdoor. No roof, good vibes and early morning sunshine were all an incredible part of Ibiza’s best years. If you never spent a morning losing your mind on the dancefloor in the real Amnesia or Space Terraces you missed out! The true veterans will remember times like this 1992 Amnesia opening party with the open roof on the terrace.

If you remember proper trance DJs

Seb Fontaine, Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Judge Jules, Eddie Halliwell and so much more. Trance heavyweights the likes of which we haven’t seen on the island for quite some time! Trance used to dominate the island and brands like Cream and Gatecrasher used to rule the roost for trance addicts looking for their fix. Trance’s day is over in Ibiza for now but those who remember them will look back on those days fondly.

Oakenfold Trance Legend Ibiza Cream

If every season is your last season

Everyone knows someone likes this. “No man this is definitely my last season” before spotting them down the West End opening week. The draw of the island is undeniable and is very hard to shake off so next time you hear someone telling you it’s their last season, call them a liar and look forward to buying them a pint in opening week!

If you spend more time in Pikes than in the big clubs

The more seasoned clubbers prefer the real bohemian feeling to the island and there’s nowhere that offers that quite like Pikes. One of the most famous establishments on the island, Pikes has been the place to be for the seasoned clubbers of Ibiza for decades. If you have been known to spend many a day and night at Pikes, you are certainly an Ibiza veteran. Freddie Mercury and George Michael used to frequent Pikes and you can check out George Michael alongside Tony Pikes in the photo below! Incredible history!

Pikes Hotel George Michael

You use Fish Shack or Kumharas instead of sunset strip

Why bother watching the sunset on a packed sunset strip. Veterans know the tricks of the trade to find the real quiet spots to watch one of the most stunning sunsets in the world.

Fish Shack Ibiza Sunset Veteran

If you’ve been banned from the Ibiza winter residence group

The Facebook group that is! It’s another right of passage for the veterans! Banning from the group is almost worn as a badge of honour by now!

Ibiza Airport Strikes 2017

If you think we’ve left anything off the list, let us know in the comments!

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