Ibiza's Biggest Audience

10 Things You’ll Miss About Ibiza When You’re Gone

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Nothing beats the Mediterranean sun on your back! Just remember the sun-cream!

No Routine

No alarm ringing in your ear to get up for work, just pure bliss.

Cañas For Breakfast

I suppose you could have a Caña for breakfast once you get home but your boss might not appreciate it!

10 things you'll miss about Ibiza when youre gone

Partying at lunchtime

Again, I suppose you could do it but your mates will probably ask questions when you’re ditching work to head to the pub on a Wednesday afternoon but who are we to judge?

The Talent

You can catch some of the world’s finest DJs on a daily basis in Ibiza.

The Talent

And no we don’t mean the musical talent this time!

10 things you'll miss about Ibiza when youre gone

Dance Music Echoing From Everywhere

When we say everywhere, we mean everywhere. It’s what the island is known for after all!

The Party Atmosphere

Ibiza is one of those places that just oozes fun from everywhere. Everyone is there to party and enjoy themselves which makes it that much better!

Knowing What Day It Is By What Party Is On

-“What day is it today?”

-”Ermm… Cocoon is on today so it must be Monday!”

The Beauty Of The Island

Many people have a skewed perception that the island is all party, all the time. While a lot of the island is dedicated to the party side of things, the natural beauty of the beaches, hills and small towns cannot be denied.

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