Ibiza's Biggest Audience

11 Photos Showing Ibiza Is Still Stunning In October

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Ibiza in October. Not particularly the best time of the year to come to the island if you’re looking for the ultimate party but this is the ideal time to come and see the island for its beauty. People have this preconception of the island that it’s all party all the time but what a lot of people fail to recognise is the breath-taking beauty of the island itself outside of the clubs.

Stunning beaches, incredible landscape and a sunset so beautiful it would bring a tear to your eye. With that in mind, Nokia sent out some awesome Instagram personalities to capture their favourite side of Ibiza with their new Nokia 8 and the bothie camera which allows you to take snaps using the front facing and back camera at the same time! The results? A pretty great collection of photos of the quieter side of Ibiza in October! Check them out below.

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Sponsored | Started the weekend in Ibiza with a beautiful sunset dinner at @mamboibiza ? #nokia8 #bothie @nokiamobile

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#bothie boat ?Thank you @nokiamobile for having us ? We had so much fun ? #nokia8 #ibiza #ad

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Back at my fave hotel cheersing to October sunshine ???☀️ #bothie @nokiamobile

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Drinks, food and music at @pikeshotel with @nokiamobile & @leannelimwalker #bothie #nokia8 #ad

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