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14 Pictures Showing The True Madness Of The Zoo Project!

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14 Pictures Showing The True Madness Of The Zoo Project!

Have you ever wanted to unleash your inner animal spirit in Ibiza? Maybe your spirit animal is a sloth and you don’t like to move much, or maybe even you’re a sabertooth tiger ready to release it all.

Well, get your body-paint, outfit & mindset of an animal ready, because every Sunday in the iconic Benimussa Park, The Zoo Project bring’s a whole new vibe to the Island.

Benimussa Park has been home to The Zoo Project for quite some time now and attracts everything from young holiday goers to locals looking searching for a good place to meditate in the

When it comes to The Zoo Project within the venue, it’s a completely unique experience like no other! The organizers promote everyone to go out of their way to paint themselves, dress up to the maximum and to really just immerse yourselves across the day. Musically the parties have some of the finest un-announced selectors in the house + techno circuit, with past guests including tINI, Dana Ruh, Jacky, Nakadia, Miguel Campbell, Shaun Reeves, Clive Henry, Alex Arnout, Federico Grazzini, Luca Cazal, Stephane Ghenacia + more.

Across the many stages, you can find yourself dancing in a seal-pit, roller-blading around an arena, or even getting fully immersed in the whole venue with different themes to every corner of the park.

It goes without question, there’s nothing quite like The Zoo Project! We simply love it.

Feeling like you’re ready for the madness? Grab your tickets HERE!

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