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4 Reasons To Get Onto A Float Your Boat Party IMMEDIATELY!

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4 Reasons To Get Onto A Float Your Boat Party IMMEDIATELY!

Ah yes, boat parties. Setting sail across the Mediterranean Sea with your best friends, there’s quite simply nothing like it! In saying that, there’s also nothing that matches the Float Your Boat parties! Why so you ask? Well, the Float Your Boat parties play host to some of the rowdiest, energetic, most enjoyable boat parties on the Island! With their strong focus on the music and production, you’re in for an absolute treat when you get on-board.

Let’s take a look at 4 reasons why you should be getting onto an FYB party right now.


One of Ibiza’s best aspects is most definitely the sunsets! There’s nothing more euphoric and personal that witnessing a sunset at the right place, at the right time with the right people! It’s almost as good as trying alioli for the first time, almost…

4 free drinks

Upon purchasing a Float Your Boat ticket, you’re entering the good life. When you arrive onto said boat, you’re gonna be given 4 tokens to treat yourself to any drink of your choice whilst on your travels! So leave your troubles behind and get involved in the party!

Entry to Hi & Ocean Beach

When you purchase a Float Your Boat ticket, you’re not only getting one of the best boat party experiences on the Island, but also gaining access to Hï & Ocean Beach! In saying that, you’re getting a serious bang for your buck with this purchase.

One of the best sound-systems

What’s a party without a big sound system? Whilst you’re sailing across the sea’s with your amazing sunset views, 4 free drinks and free entry to other clubs, your eardrums are gonna thank you for years to come with the incredible sound system Float Your Boat’s have.

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