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4 Reasons Why Solardo Are One Of Our Favourite Acts On The Island!

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4 Reasons Why Solardo Are One Of Our Favourite Acts On The Island!

We did it, everyone, the weekend is finally upon us! What are you gonna be getting up to? I’m gonna drink my body-weight in Cannes and eat 4kg of alioli and bread personally. In saying that, what I’m really here today is to shine some light on the extremely in-demand lean mean partying, music making, Manchester bred machines, Solardo.

The duo has been one of the most popular duo’s in the dance music circuit, and for good reason! Ranging from their insanely high caliber productions, personal online presence + their stand-out driving sets, it’s understanding where the hype comes from!

Let’s get into the main reason why you’re here with us! Our 4 reasons why they’re one of our favorites on the Island.


The Solardo shirts have been somewhat iconic with the duo. Do the shirts give them super DJ-powers or are they just normal? Some may call them bad, some others call them some of the best shirts they’ve ever seen! Flowery, colorful and everything in between, the Solardo shirts are definitely a positive in our eyes.

Residency At Hï

The duo has been key figures on the Island for quite some time now! Building their way through the ranks with ease and consistency. For the 2018 season, they’ve been the curators of the club-room in none other than Hï. Week in, week out Solardo have been laying down it down with a completely unique experience for any clubber on the Island!

Line-up wise they’ve brought and are bringing some names like Dennis Cruz, Max Chapman, Lauren Lane, Monki, ANOTR, Wade, Huxley + Waze & Odyssey. David Guetta also showed up not too long ago for a spin!

Party Animals

The DJ lifestyle is recognized to be a non-stop party one, and the Manchester duo are ones to really back this up! When they come to play anywhere at any time, they’re always completely up for it regardless if the room is a 200 capacity basement or a 10,000 capacity festival stage. In saying that, the Solardo fans are always keen to party with them, aswell as us!

New Release

Last but not least, we’d like to shine some light on the lads latest single! That single being ‘Be Somebody’.

Released on the legendary Ultra Music, one of dance musics biggest electronic music brands. They’ve really struck a line of what a Solardo track should sound like. Warpy basslines, electrifying vocal hooks & four to the floor drums, the perfect combination to make any dance-floor lose their minds.

Grab yourself a copy HERE!

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