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49 Things You HAVE To Do in Ibiza Before You Die

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If you were looking for a conclusive list of things that are a must for you to do in Ibiza, I think you’ve found it! There isn’t a more comprehensive guide of fun on the island than what you’re about to read!

Here’s 49 things you must do in Ibiza before you die but there’s no point in me rambling on! Go read it, go do these things and you can thank me later, preferably with activity number one!

Half Beer (Caña) & Authentic tapas in a working man’s bar

It’s fantastic to immerse yourself in the local Ibiza culture and what better way to do it than with a beer and tapas! Try on out the real Spanish bars like 100 Montaditos on Carrer de Carles V or check out the busy area around the fruit and veg market Mercat Nou next to Parc de la Pau to eat like a local.

Scuba Diving

Head out scuba diving and check out the wildlife and crazy shipwrecks that Ibiza has to offer! Pretty cool place to take a GoPro too!

Eat at Fish Shack

Fresh Ibiza air and the best food on the island. Prawns and Lamb chops are the way to go here! Not far from Talamanca, no doubt one of the best places to eat fresh fish on the Island.

Cala Bassa Beach Bar

Cala Bassa Beach Bar offers some of the best food you can find on the seafront along with ultra-cool tables and sunbeds which you can reserve!

Cala Bassa Beach Bar

Learn how to drive a boat and get a worldwide license

How cool would it be to say that you went to Ibiza, partied your ass off and came home with a worldwide boat license? If you fancy being the captain of your own Ibiza destiny then follow the link here.

Go look at the yachts you can’t afford in the Ibiza Marina

Ibiza has always been a playground of the rich and famous and what better way to show off your wealth than mooring your boat in the marina for everyone to admire! Remember though that in Ibiza someone will always have a bigger one than you.

Dance all day @ Ants

Known for being the best underground day party on the island, the ANTS crew provide the soundtrack in Ushuaïa for a day you will never forget! With amazing DJs like Andrea Oliva, Richy Ahmed, Nic Fanciulli and more, you should definitely take an opportunity to join the colony!

ANTS Ibiza 2017 Tickets

Dance on Bora Bora beach

Great tunes, dancing on the tables, sun shining! Bora Bora beach is an integral piece of Ibiza! The place where many souls (wallets, phones and keys) have been lost, grab a sunbed and watch the madness unfold.

Watch the sunset from the sunset strip

The now world famous San Antonio Sunset Strip is one of the most picturesque locations on the island so get your cameras ready, Instagram awaits! Grab a table at fantastic bars like Café Mambo or Café Del Mar, get yourself a cocktail and enjoy the stunning view. It truly is a sight to behold!

Day trip to Formentera

Ibiza’s sister island just across the way is definitely worth a day trip! It has fantastic beaches and is well worth the short trip on the ferry! There are parties that take place here with Cocoon hosting a weekly night on a Thursday for the sixth year running. You can catch Sven Väth and his crew take over Tipic in their usual Cocoon style!

Wander the back streets of the old town

Packed with lots of quirky little shops and bars, make your way from the bottom of the port in Ibiza, its streets are steep and cobbled so you’ll probably need to stop at regular intervals to quench your beer thirst. Check out Paradise Lost for some crazy Ibiza action.

Watch a sunset at Es Vedrà

Es Vedrà is the third most magnetic place on the planet behind the North Pole and the Bermuda Triangle, according to some local legends, but we’re not so sure. One of the most popular myths surrounding the rock is that it’s the peak of the sunken city of Atlantis! All we know for sure is that it is a stunning island to look at during the sunsets!

Tip: Make a wish when Es Vedrà first comes into sight. As you leave, a salute to Es Vedrà (a drumming is the preferred salute) will make sure you will always be welcome upon your return!

Es Vedra Sunset Ibiza club News

Have Paella at Cala D’hort

Restaurante El Carmen has one of, if not the best Paella on the island and it definitely has incredible views of the magical, Es Vedrà. The best thing to do when you get to Ibiza is embrace the culture and what better way to do just that than embracing the traditional Spanish food.

Take a boat trip

Boat trips are an awesome way to pass a day in Ibiza! With our Ibiza Club News Concierge Service, you can rent out a huge range of boats for you and your mates to head out to sea in, enjoy a few beers, some great company, all while topping up your tan!

Rent a VIP table

Ibiza has a huge VIP culture and I’m sure you’re already curious as to what all the attraction is all about! There’s only one way to find out for certain. Book yourself a VIP table in one of the many clubs and experience it for yourself!

Get body painted before Zoo

Run out of outfits to wear? Don’t worry, we have a great team of artists on hand who can sort you out, get your inner leopard on and ditch the clothes.

Spend A Day Sunbathing In Cala Vadella

I’ll be honest and say that this is my local beach so I’d appreciate if not too many of you pitched up, on one of the Islands most beautiful coastlines, it’s definitely a hidden gem. Grab a glass of cava at Maya Beach Club.

Sing karaoke in Pikes bathroom with Sonny

Just go. Thank us later.

Go on a boat party

Spend a day at sea while making new friends before taking off to one of the many clubs on the island to party until the break of dawn! Our two favourites have to be Cirque de la Nuit in Playa d’en Bossa and Float Your Boat in San Antonio! Cirque de la Nuit have some of the biggest boats on the island with guests like Solomun and Darius Syrossian in the past and Float Your Boat have had names like Carl Cox and Eric Prydz. A must for the full Ibiza experience!

Check Out Ibiza’s Famous Hippy Markets

Hippies took over the island all the way back in the seventies and their influence on the island is still seen today! You can check out several markets on different days all across the island so you’re never too far from one! Our favourites are Las Dalias night market near San Carlos and the San Rafael artisan market.

Experience the spiritual sunset drumming at Benirras on a Sunday

On Sunday, August 18, 1991, hundreds of people gathered on Benirras beach to protest against the first Gulf War in Iraq. The peaceful gathering then grew from that into a free annual event before eventually being banned for health and safety reasons due to the growing numbers of attendees every year.

Nowadays you can find a group of dedicated drummers who show up every Sunday as the sun dips over the horizon and there’s something magical about this experience.

Benniras Drumming Sunset

Watch an amazing live act at Ibiza Rocks

Ibiza Rocks have got a huge year in store with Cuckoo Land by Do Not Sleep, elrow pool parties and more but they also have a huge roster of live acts lined up for this season! Names like Clean Bandit, Bastille, Primal Scream and The Kooks will take to the stage this year!

Dance through the sunrise on Privilege terrace

The true meaning of partying ’til the break of dawn! With incredible views and an even more incredible soundtrack, this will be a memory that will last a lifetime!

Lose a flip-flop

Typical! You’ll never lose two… Only ever one… Which is even more irritating in our eyes! RIP to the thousands of lost individual flip-flops who have moved on to a better place (we hope)!

Do a bar crawl on the west end

The West End is ridiculously good fun for those looking for a great night boozing with great tunes. Many people use The West End as a pre-party to the clubs but just as many choose to stay here for the night in one of the several bars.

Have a burger king in the airport

The burger to end all burgers. After a relentless couple of days partying, you should definitely treat yourself to a Burger King in the airport! You’ll see many a broken raver struggling through their meals so you won’t be alone!

Go and see Solomun smash the legendary, Pacha

Solomun’s “+1” parties have been really popular over the last few years! The Diynamic frontman invites one of his close friends in the industry for a special B2B performance and it’s a sight to behold! One of our favourites on the island for sure!

tickets Solomun Ibiza Pacha

Get Squashed In DC10

DC-10 is one of the top clubs on the island and an absolute must for anyone visiting the island. Their Circoloco and Paradise parties are some of the most attended on the island! Only thing is, when there’s high demand for spots on the hallowed dancefloors of DC-10, you won’t have much elbow room.

Party at the seal pit in Benimussa Park

A must see for any Ibiza visitors who are looking to release their inner party-animal! A party based in an abandoned zoo just outside of San Antonio, including yoga, massage parlours and so much more! A unique party to say the least!

Buy sunglasses from a lookie lookie and break them 30 minutes later

Two things in life are certain. Death and breaking the sunglasses that you bought from the lookie lookie man within 30 minutes of buying them. Having said that, you’re still gonna roll the dice on those fake Ray-Bans aren’t you, you dare-devil!

Do a shot of hierbas with a local

Hierbas is a local masterpiece and it would be a crying shame if you were to go all the way to Ibiza and not enjoy a shot with the locals! Imagine going to Ireland and not having a Guinness or going to Italy and not having a pizza! Blasphemy!

Take the Ibiza Club News Discobus!

Who wants to pay for expensive taxis when you can ride the Ibiza Club News discobus to the clubs for just €3! Bargain!

Ibiza Club News Discobus

Lose a day on Amnesia Terrace

Party until sunrise on the awesome Amnesia terrace. We absolutely love the Cocoon parties and we can’t wait to see how elrow performs in its new home! Just be warned, you will never want to leave!

Go and see Hï Ibiza for yourself

One of the most talked about events on the island in decades is the closure of Space and the subsequent opening of Hï Ibiza. The club is now open and you can go and decide for yourself!

Rent a villa with all your mates

Live like the royalty we know you are! Rent out of the top villas in Ibiza and enjoy coming and going as you please and your own privacy!

Spend A Day In Hacienda Na Xamena

This stunning hotel boasts the most jaw-dropping views you will ever lay eyes on. Boasting spectacular views of cliffs and crystal blue waters from their famous La Posidonia Spa, this boutique hotel is the height of luxury! Their Edén restaurant is really well regarded with a menu showcasing amazing local produce. Treat yourself!

Hacienda Na Xamena Ibiza club News

Hire a private chef for a night at your villa

If you’re coming all the way to Ibiza for a luxury holiday, why not go the whole hog and treat yourself to your very own private chef for the night? Let them cook up a culinary storm for you and your pals and this is something you certainly will not regret!

Get on a podium in one of the big clubs

We all have that one friend who loves being the centre of attention and if you can’t think of who that mate is then it’s probably you! Why not be the star of the show and shake what your momma gave you on a podium in one of the Island’s top clubs! Plus enjoy the brief moments you’ll spend on a pumped up bouncers shoulder before being gently ejected.

Lose your friends and make a bunch of new ones for 2 hours

At the end of the day, you’ll find your real friends eventually so why not enjoy meeting Gary from Newcastle who’s going to talk about the time he had Trials with West Ham and experience new friends, new stories and who knows, you could meet your new best friend!

Listen To The Sound Of The Island

So many of us have a mix or tune that they associate with Ibiza and classify it as their “Ibiza Anthem”. While this is absolutely encouraged, we highly suggest tuning into Ibiza radio stations like Sonica, Open Lab or Ibiza Global Radio to get a true sense of the sound of the island!

Pennsylvania Burger

Pennsylvania burger is an Ibiza institution and it would be the biggest shame of all if you didn’t take a trip down to visit this kitchen in San Antonio. Offering some amazing burgers and sandwiches, it’s the perfect way to either gear up for the night ahead or help you recover from the night before!

People Watching In Plaza del Parque

Embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle by enjoying a coffee in Ibiza’s main square and watching the world pass you by. There’s nothing quite like it.

Hot Air Balloon Trip

See Ibiza in a totally different view with a hot air balloon trip. Taking off in the morning you’ll get a birds-eye view of the island and experience in it a way you never imagined. Boasting spectacular views and a peaceful atmosphere, this will be a memory to last a lifetime.

Hot Air Baloon Ibiza Club News

Horse Valley in Es Murta

A visit to the horse sanctuary in the north of the island is one you will not regret. Go trekking through the scenic surroundings of Es Murta Nature Reserve and see a different side of the island.

Visit Aquarium Cap Blanc

This old smugglers cave has been transformed into a fantastic aquarium where you can check out fish, octopus, rays and lobster in their natural habitat. Previously used by fishermen to keep fish fresh before going to the markets, Cap Blanc is now home to a sea turtle rehabilitation centre, helping injured turtles recover before heading back to the wild.

Cliff Diving At Sa Punta

The locals spot for cliff diving, there’s nothing more fun than jumping off a cliff into the crystal blue waters below with friends! Great company and great weather is all you need here!

Open Air Cinema in Dalt Vila

Cinema Paradiso offers open air cinemas across a number of venues across the island. Imagine lying back under the stars on a comfortable bean bag, watching new and classic films with a stunning backdrop. This is a great, relaxing alternative to clubbing in Ibiza. Spend a night doing something different on your trip.

Can Marça Caves

Prepare for a spooky trek through old smugglers caves near Puerto de San Miguel. The atmosphere is eerie and silent and is the perfect place to bring your mates who are feeling a bit fragile from the night before!

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