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5 Must-Have Items In Your Suitcase For Your Next Ibiza Trip

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At Ibiza Club News we are here to help make your Ibiza trip as enjoyable, safe and memorable as possible! I for one always struggle with packing. You spend days packing and unpacking your suitcase for your trip to La Isla Blanca and between finding the freshest clothes to bring with you, remembering to bring the essentials and not forgetting your passport, you are super stressed! Worry not folks! We’re going to alleviate all that stress! Here are 5 things that are essential for your Ibiza trip! Happy packing!

Sun Cream

At this risk of sounding like your mother, DO IT. Pack the sun cream. Avoid the dreaded sunburn, uncomfortable sleeping, incessant burn and the worst part of all… the peeling… I get shivers down my spine just thinking about it… Plus! Depending on how cruel/good at pulling pranks you are, this could always be an option for one of your mates!

Golden Equation Clothing

Golden Equation Clothing

Looking fresh is key. You look good, you feel good! Why bother wasting time with poor quality cheap t-shirts that you’ll throw out after Ibiza! Invest in style and invest in quality with Golden Equation Clothing. These guys know exactly how to make you look at your best while not costing you an arm and a leg! You can check out some of their range below or check out their full range over here!

Golden Equation have also given us a unique discount code,  “IBIZA10“, for 10% discount at checkout! You have no excuses now! You’re gonna be looking fresh!


Be it chilling by the pool, getting dolled up for the night ahead or just relaxing in your villa before heading out, a speaker is essential! You’re in Ibiza after all! I’m pretty sure it’s illegal if you don’t listen to music 24/7!


Oi Oi! Cheeky! Once again sounding like your mother but you should absolutely be looking after yourself while on the White Isle! As the old saying goes, “Be good… but if you can’t be good, be careful!“.

Golden Equation Clothing

Good Vibes

You’re in Ibiza. Greatest place on earth. You’re surrounded by like-minded music lovers who make the pilgrimage to the party capital of the world year-in, year-out in search of great moments and even better music! If you’re not going to bring good vibes, don’t get on that plane!

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