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5 Reasons Ocean Beach Ibiza Should Be Top Of Your 2018 Bucket List

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When you take a step back and look at Ibiza there really is so much to shout about. Incredible beaches, picturesque towns, beautiful restaurants & bars and of course, the world’s best venues. When you say Ibiza people automatically imagine these monster clubs with pounding music and packed dance floors but it’s not all that. You can find venues different to the stereotype all across the island but for those in search of a different type of party, Ocean Beach Ibiza should be the very top of your list and here’s why!

The Venue

There aren’t many spots on the island like Ocean Beach Ibiza. The venue is sick! A place to grab some food, plenty of bars, an awesome poolside dancefloor, a DJ booth filled with some of Ibiza’s finest selectors and a vibe like no other! Perfect ingredients!

Ocean Beach Ibiza Venue Inside

The Vibe Is Like Nothing Else On The Island

From the moment you walk through the door, there’s an energy that is unlike anything you can find on the island. Everyone is up for a good time and not afraid to show it! There’s a sense of togetherness on the dancefloor and it genuinely feels like a bunch of mates are all on the dancefloor together!

Ocean Beach Ibiza Dancefloor Sax

The Music Policy Is Like No Other Venue

With Ocean Beach Ibiza you are guaranteed to hear everything from RnB & Hip-Hop to Garage, Grime & House which gives you the opportunity to sample something different during your time in Ibiza! It’s not all house and techno on the island and with Ocean Beach Ibiza you can be guaranteed to grab a slice of something different musically!

Ocean Beach Ibiza Dancefloor Sax

There’s Something For Everyone

Feeling like royalty? Treat yourself to a slice of the VIP lifestyle like the princes and princesses you are! Feeling like chilling out and catching some sun? Grab yourself a bed and get your tan on! Looking to dance the evening away? Get straight to the dancefloor for some hip shaking! Looking for some food? I think you see where I’m going with this…

Ocean Beach Ibiza Dancefloor SaxOcean Beach Ibiza Restaurant

Ocean Beach Ibiza Is One Of The Top Daytime Venues On The Island

What a way to spend the day! From the moment you walk through the door, you’re at home for the day. Get settled in for an experience you’re going to struggle to top! A crowd of like-minded individuals looking for a good time… and they have definitely found it!

Ocean Beach Dancefloor Vibe

Ocean Beach Ibiza has enjoyed a very strong 2017 season and it should be at the top of your 2018 Ibiza bucket list already! Keep a close eye on our Facebook page for news and announcements from Ibiza’s premier poolside venue!

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