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5 Reasons Why You Need A Gym Buddy For Your Ibiza Body Goals

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We’re coming around to a tough time of the year. The weather is going to start changing soon which means cosy nights in watching nice movies with a big heavy pizza on your lap. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. You put in so much work for you “Ibiza bod” this year and it would be an outright shame to let it go! The hard part of keeping up the fitness goals is having the discipline with yourself to hit the gym consistently on those dark winter nights after work.

There’s a way around that. Strength in numbers! With the new fitness app FitFCK (Fitness Connections Kingdom) you can find workout partners to help get your ass in the gym! We look at 5 reasons why you need a gym buddy but more importantly, why you need to get yourself on FitFCK and get swiping for your next gym partner! 

Training Can Be Lonely

Trying to motivate yourself to get off the couch and get to the gym after a days work can be so tough. The best way to get some motivation is to have a gym partner! It’s a rewarding experience when you both push each other to reach the goals you’ve set for yourselves. With FitFCK you can search for dates, training partners or new like-minded friends!

Dieting Is Ridiculously Tough On Your Own

Diets can be crazy tough so it’s amazing to have someone to lean on while you’re staring at an advert for Dominos pizza but more importantly, someone to slap the phone out of your hand when you’re about to order the mega deal! Don’t do it! Get yourself on FitFCK and find that special person who will hide every takeaway menu n the house and bring you for a run!

A Gym Buddy Knows & Understands The Struggles

The struggles are real. You’ve had a rough few weeks. You try a healthy alternative snack that claims to be as good as the real deal but in reality, it tastes like cardboard and your heart aches more than the time your ex-girlfriend cheated on you… I still haven’t forgiven you for what you did Rebecca…

Your Partner Will Notice Your Progress Before Anyone Else

This is fact. They’ve seen you put in the hard work, they’ve wrestled you away from the fast food restaurants but more importantly, they have been with you every step of the way to notice those gains that you’ve been making! Yeah, you! Not only that but they’ll be the first to compliment you on said gains. Sweet sweet gains!

Your Partner Can “Give You A Lift”!

Sorry but we’re not really sorry for that dad joke! Be it a lift to the gym, helping you out with spotting or just a general lift in confidence with a pep talk, a gym buddy is essential! After all, there’s strength in numbers!  

You can find FitFCK on the App Store here and on the Google Play Store here!

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