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9 Things We Loved About The MDRNTY Cruise!

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9 Things We Loved About The MDRNTY Cruise!

The festival on the sea and one of the most unforgettable experiences we’ve ever had as a company, MDRNTY Cruise 2018 was something very special.

Kicking off our journey on 10 June, we began our travels with an extremely excited crew. Traveling from Ibiza and flying straight into Milan airport, our excitement levels grew even larger. Two train journeys, a taxi ride across the city of Genoa & a group photo later, we were finally there.

As we checked in our bags and made our way up to our amazing rooms accommodated with a balcony view of the side of the boat, we were only itching to get out and explore.

3 days pass out and the cruise came to an end, it was safe to say, we were extremely content in what we had just experienced.

Enough about our journey, we’re here to give you a complete idea of what the cruise itself was like in detail, and what our favorite parts of it were.

The Ship

The MSC Opera Cruise was an absolutely incredible ship. Not too big, not too small, just the perfect size to fit some of the most exciting and best crowds across the globe. With numerous bars, restaurants, shops, games rooms, mini golf, theatres, swimming pools you name it! The MSC Opera Cruise had every little thing you needed for the perfect experience on the sea.

All Inclusive

This was without a doubt one of our favorite parts of the cruise! Sometimes when you’re away and you’re really just wanting to get a drink, but you’ve no money on you at the time, sadly. With the all-inclusive system on board the MDRNTY Cruise, you’re able to grab a drink of your choice at any point at all, 24 hours a day. Not too also mention the food being free! That leads us to our next part.

The Crowd

Last but not least, the crowd! It was truly amazing to see how many different cultures came together for this cruise. Ranging from Ireland, Italy, France, America all the way to the Netherlands, the cruise had it all.

Not only was there so much diversity internationally, but the respect and admiration they all had for one another were out of this world. We left the cruise with 10x more friends than we did getting on!

The Food

The best kind of food is free food, let me tell you that! As mentioned above, the cruise was all-inclusive, and with the sheer quality and choice you had on MDRNTY, we were queuing back up 3-4 times breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

The Lineup

The real buying point for anybody going to a festival is the line-up! And with the names, MDRNTY brought in over the three days were some of the finest in the game. That said it was a complete mixture of minimal house, melodic techno, funky house all the way to industrial techno! The ravers, including us, were completely spoiled for choice!

Some of the names being Eagles & Butterflies, Alan Fitzpatrick, Apollonia, Archie Hamilton, Black Coffee, Cassy, Lazare Hoche, Matthew Jonson [LIVE], Pan-Pot, Stephan Bodzin and last but not least, Ricardo Villalobos.

23-Hour Music

It was very apparent that the crowd wasn’t the ones to go to bed early, and that was perfect for the MDRNTY Cruise! From the moment we set sail on the sea, we were hearing music in nearly every part of the ship. Along-side the incredibly high-quality music, the cruise was treated to 23 HOURS of music, yes 23 hours! Go to bed, wake up, have breakfast and you’re straight into the heat of it all again.

Ricardo Villalobos Playing An Extended Set

The legendary Ricardo Villalobos graced the MDRNTY Cruise on the second day of its travels. After some minor technical difficulties and a 15-minute setback, it was a surprise to everyone seeing Ricardo perform for an extra hour and a half with his trademark minimal sound. Our highlight was his first track after he was meant to come off, dropping Dexter at 11AM in the morning to a wedged rooftop. We weren’t expecting anything less from him.

Partying On The Ocean

As we were 2 hours into setting sail from Genoa, it became very surreal that this was not just any kind of average festival.

Now, we’ve all been to our usual events on land that have various stages scattered across the grounds. But with MDRNTY Cruise, we experienced a special moment as the sun was setting. Whilst Jan Blomqvist was softly playing out a live set, we were all on the top deck looking over everything that was happening. We were literally just surrounded by the open water with nothing to be seen, it was a proper special moment for us all.

Different Countries To Port In

As you travel around the Mediterranean Sea, you’re not only traveling around the ocean aimlessly. Remember when we said there were 23 hours of music above? Well, the 1 hour it cuts off is the time where the ship docks into a new port, safety regulations you know yourself!

From Genoa to Sardinia to Corsica, and all the way back to Genoa, you’re in complete control if you want to get off the ship and venture around the local area’s!

All we can say is that MDRNTY Cruise 2018 was one of the best experiences we’ve ever had abroad and we simply cannot wait to get back on the seas next year!

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