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A Definitive Guide To Ibiza For Americans

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Ever since Mike Posner’s hit track “I Took A Pill In Ibiza” dominated the charts globally, American’s have turned to Google to find out what exactly Ibiza is and why people love it so much? Well my American friends, worry no more! Here’s our quick guide to Ibiza specifically for you!

First things first we’re gonna need to get you there! Flights from the states to Europe can generally be quite expensive but flights to Ibiza can cost around $320 for a round-trip! The long flight gives you a perfect opportunity to psych yourself up for the carnage ahead!

Ibiza Flight Beer

Once you get there, you’re obviously going to need to find somewhere to stay, unless you plan on not sleeping… at all… ever… Don’t do that! You can find some great budget hotels that start from around $40 per night and with Ibiza, you won’t be spending that much time in your hotel so splashing the cash on lavish hotels isn’t always necessary if you just want to party from sun up to sundown.

Hotel Deals Ibiza 2017

Ibiza is known the world over for hosting the world’s top DJs come the Summer months. Boasting some of the most fantastic clubs you could ever experience, Ibiza is a mecca for ravers the world over, catering for all tastes within the electronic music spectrum.

The clubs can be quite expensive. With cover charges ranging from $40 -$100 standard entry! One thing you have to bear in mind though is the fact that you are more than likely getting to see a couple of world class DJs for that price! It’s all relative and most definitely worth it!

One thing we would advise though is to stay away from buying rounds in Ibiza! Things can get expensive pretty quickly when drinks can start at $12 a piece. It adds up!

Ibiza Club Prices

Apart from the partying Ibiza is a genuinely beautiful part of the world. With some fantastic beaches with golden sand and crystal clear water, it really is a small slice of paradise. The beaches are a perfect place to soak up some sun and recharge your batteries after a heavy night in one of the island’s many superclubs. You can also have a great time in Ibiza without adding a clubbing aspect to your trip but in our opinion that would be like going to Italy and not eating any pizza! So, in that case, there’s only one thing left to do…

Ibiza Lets Party Tickets

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