Ibiza's Biggest Audience

Americans Look To Google To Learn About Ibiza

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If you were to describe Ibiza to someone who had never seen or heard of it before, how would you go about it? What would you say? Would you tell them to just go and experience it first hand? Well as it turns out, ever since Mike Posner was nominated for a grammy with his single “I Took A Pill In Ibiza”, his American fans have been flocking to Google to ask, “What’s an Ibiza?

Now if you were to search “What’s an Ibiza”, you would probably get a lot of responses about Seat’s lovely three or five door hatchback but of course we are talking about the party capital of Europe. Golden beaches, giant clubs, beautiful restaurants, a loving atmosphere, incredible sunsets and euphoric moments. That’s what Ibiza is all about!

If you’re an American, or anyone who has never been to the island and you’re reading this wondering what all the Ibiza hype is about, do yourself a favour and come visit us to experience it all first hand! We’ll welcome you with open arms!

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