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Amnesia Is Coming To London In November

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There’s nothing worse than the feeling when the Ibiza season closes. Everyone moves home and back to reality. No more knowing it was Tuesday because Together was on in Amnesia! It can be a bitter-sweet moment. You are leaving behind a life you love dearly but the best part is the excitement for next season starts to build the moment you arrive home! The Winter can be long and hard without a taste of Ibiza but we have the perfect solution to that problem! Amnesia is coming to London!

Amnesia returns to Electric Brixton on Saturday, November 25th for their tour and the stage is set for this to be the biggest Amnesia party you will find anywhere outside of La Isla Blanca! The old theatre in Brixton is the perfect venue for Amnesia to continue their hugely talked about residency and we have put together a list of reasons why you absolutely cannot miss this party!

The Huge Lineup

This is a monstrous lineup full of some of Ibiza’s heavyweights! Darius Syrossian has had another legendary season which is no surprise for the Do Not Sleep resident! Ilario Alicante & De La Swing have spent the summer destroying Amnesia’s dancefloors on Saturday nights with the notorious elrow crew! These guys will bring the heat to Electric Brixton without a shadow of a doubt! You can check out the full lineup below.

Darius Syrossian
Ilario Alicante
De La Swing
Very special guest: Waze & Odyssey 

ROOM 2: Hosted by Random
Tristan Ingram
Adam Neenan & Sam Neicho
Micky Crist
Chris Nottingham & Katy Lowin

The Iconic Venue

Electric Brixton has amassed a massive reputation for being one of the hottest venues in the UK. Not only have they hosted the Amnesia tour before but they will be welcoming ANTS on New Years Eve for an extra piece of Ibiza to see out 2017 and welcome 2018 in style! Having already hosted Ibiza legends like Together & Amnesia as part of South West More and the iconic Music On you can be sure that these parties will blow your mind as Electric Brixton know exactly how to bring Ibiza to the UK!

It’s A Little Slice Of Ibiza At Home

There’s no feeling more heartbreaking than leaving behind the clubs in Ibiza. That flight home is spent reminiscing of the countless hours spent in the world’s greatest clubs. The amazing sunrises spent on the terrace in Amnesia. Well, with the Amnesia tour you can try to recapture some of those trademark Amnesia moments but in the heart of London. We’ve also heard a cheeky rumour from the production team that they will be transforming Electric Brixton into Amnesia’s fabled terrace! How exactly they’ll be doing that, we don’t know but it’s absolutely something to see!

It Will You Get Through The Winter Hibernation

So many people return from Ibiza after a long and heavy season and hibernate through the Winter being boring! Don’t be like those people! Fight the hibernation! Fight the X-Factor! Fight Saturday night boredom! Become a weekend warrior once again and take on the boring souls who choose to spend Saturday on the couch! Freedom!

Amnesia Ibiza Tour Electric Brixton November 25th

It’s Amnesia!

How could you turn down the opportunity to club with possibly one of the most well-known clubbing brands in the world without having to fly to the White Isle? It’s your opportunity to experience the clubbing heavyweight from the comfort and well-known surroundings of London! The last Amnesia party which was held in March was headlined by Geordie hero Patrick Topping and it was one for the books as thousands of fans packed out Electric Brixton for an all-night affair!


Tickets are on sale now and you can find them here! You need to be quick though. Amnesia is calling!

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