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Are Villa Parties The Next Thing Getting Banned In Ibiza? Maybe.

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It has come to our attention that a selection of different groups in Ibiza are pushing local authorities to put a lockdown on both illegal and unlicensed parties.  The thing is though, some of these so-called ‘illegal’ parties are some of the greatest parties on the Island?

Reports from the Diario De Ibiza  tell us that the well known ‘Leisure Association of Ibiza’ have come forward to say  “greater hardship against illegal parties, a fact that unfortunately is not new on the island.”  This seems like a repeated offense the association are trying to crack down on, but haven’t yet succeeded to their full content. The association is built up over 27 brands including Ushuaïa, Blue Marlin Ibiza, DC-10, Café Mambo and more.

On top of the few words, the Leisure said they wanted to also spread their thanks to the figures in San Antonio for handing out 14 fines worth 84,000 euros to owners of more than seven houses that did not abide by the rules and regulations. Most of the parties seemed to be based around villa parties, but they’re looking to fully crack down on everything unlicensed.

It poses the question, Is this good for the clubs but bad for the Ibiza experience?

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