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Are West End Opening Hours About To Be Made Even Shorter?

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Are West End Opening Hours About To Be Made Even Shorter?

San Antonio council have this morning gone to vote on revised opening hours and restrictions on certain parts of San Antonio, the majority of which are in the West End. If this motion is passed, it could have major effects on the area’s nightlife and result in loss of business and jobs in many of the bars and restaurants in the West End.

So what exactly will these changes involve if they are passed? According to the Man In San An, there are a number of key areas the vote will affect, here they are;

  • All bars, coffee shops and restaurants will have to close by 3am. It’s quite obvious that this will affect all of the business in the area and could be really damaging for the local economy.
  • Places with musical activity will have to completely fit their premises out with noise cancellation equipment like double doors and hermetically sealed windows, they’ll have six months to make these changes. This is likely to be an extremely expensive process for anywhere effected.
  • No new music licenses will be granted for any premises in the zones affected.
  • All terraces will have to close by 12am, with all seats cleared from the street by no later that 12.30am. This seems to be happening annually with the times getting earlier year to year, at this rate, terraces will be gone altogether before long.
  • Selling food or drinks through a window will not be allowed after midnight. There are lots of vendors in the West End who operate in this way and will be affected by this.

San Antonio council claim these restrictions will significantly decrease the noise pollution that affects people in the area. However, looking at areas that have been excluded from the proposed changes, most notably the Calle del Mar area which has a high volume of both residential and business properties, it seems there may be more than just noise pollution at play here.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Ibiza Club News to find out the results of the council’s vote.

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