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Calm Down! Ibiza’s Venues Are Not Being Forced To Close At 3 AM

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Over the last couple of weeks, there has been a countless number of publications claiming that the clubs and bars of Ibiza are going to have their opening hours restricted. It’s been fueled by lazy journalism that has spread fear and panic across many Ibiza lovers around the world all in the name of clicks. Many of you will have heard the story of the revised closing times for bars and clubs on the island. However, these rules, should they come into play, will only affect four streets on the entire island, The West End in San Antonio.

San Antonio Rebirth 2018


Now, we are not saying that this is a good thing, quite the opposite in fact but people need to take a step back and calm down for a minute. Hotels have reported that tourists are cancelling their bookings since this news and more importantly, the incorrect news was broken to the public which is insane. People need to take a step back, calm down and find out the truth about the possible restrictions.

Details have been hazy across different publications. No one really knows the full extent of what is going on. Well, we’re here to fix that. First off, the restrictions would mean that all bars and clubs in the West End would have to take in their outdoor terraces at 11 PM and would have to close the whole venue at 3 AM which would severely cripple so many people’s livelihoods. The bar and club owners from the area are fighting tooth and nail to oppose the measures.

Ibiza West End San Antonio


The good news is the restrictions have not yet been passed into law. The bad news is it’s already negatively affecting the tourism industry for the area. People have been cancelling trips to the island after they have read reports suggesting all Ibiza clubs must close at 3 AM along with pictures of the superclubs. The sad thing about media today is so many people believe what they read on first glance, whether it’s right or wrong.

The fact of the matter is closing the area early is going to solve nothing and will negatively affect the local economy. To have your say on the issue, you can vote in the poll on Periodico de Ibiza which is strongly against the measures being imposed. Click the link here and vote no to help do your part to save the closing times in San An.


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