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Caló des Moro is another beach found in the town of San Antonio. A small and popular beach, Caló des Moro is a busy spot during the summer months. Space on the sand is limited but there is also a decking area with plenty of room to sitting.

If you’re in San Antonio, you’ll be able to find this beach by following the promenade beyond the sunset strip. If coming by car there are plenty of car parks and on street parking in roads leading to the beach.

Although small, Caló des Moro offers all of the amenities you find on the island’s bigger beaches. It has easy disabled access and an adequate supply of sunbeds and parasols for a beach of it’s size. There are also toilets and showers available for your comfort and a lifeguard on duty to keep bathers safe.

As you’d expect from a beach in San Antonio there are quite a few activities to keep you occupied. Whether you want and nice calm trip on a pedalo or a hair raising splash on the banana boat or rings you’ll get what you’re looking for. There’s also a diving school and an aquarium pretty near by.

There are a huge amount of restaurants, cafes and bars near Caló des Moro, all of the places along the sea front offer beautiful views of the sunset but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative you’ll find everything you’ll need in the streets around the beach.