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Celebrities Spotted In Ibiza This Week

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Ibiza is well known for it’s ability to attract some of the world’s most rich and famous people and, according to statistics that I just made up, you’re never more than three hundred meters from a genuine A-list celebrity when you’re on the island. If celebrity spotting and autograph hunting is your thing, Ibiza is definitely the place for you and, to make it that little bit easier for you to spot that celebrity head in the crowd, we’ve put together a list of celebrities who are currently on the island.

LeBron James


LeBron James is without doubt one of the most talented and recognisable players to emerge from the NBA in the last ten years. As well as incredible skill on the basketball court, LeBron can also add excellent taste in holiday destinations to his list of attributes after the thirty one year old was spotted in Ibiza earlier this week. Standing at an impressive six foot eight inches tall, LeBron will definitely be the easiest celebrity to spot, with San Antonio’s bungee slingshot currently the only thing taller than the basketball player on the island.

Dan Bilzerian


We’re not at all entirely sure why Dan Bilzerian is a celebrity, as far as we can tell he just spends a lot of money on cocaine and hookers, which makes him practically identical to nearly every other tourist on the island. But, for some reason, people seem to like him so we’ve put him on our list. Dan has been spotted in various locations around the island in recent days and his large physique, impressive beard and entourage of fake titted beauties will make him pretty easy to spot.

Fat Ronaldo


Fat Ronaldo, a.k.a. The Real Ronaldo, a.k.a. Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, was one of the greatest footballers of his generation. The two time world cup winner hung up his boots in 2011 while playing in his native Brazil and seems to have developed a taste for the beach, along with snacks, ever since. Currently broadening his horizons away from the Copacabana, Ronaldo has been spotted soaking up the rays on some of Ibiza’s finest beaches in recent days and is likely to be found hovering near one of the island’s many kebab takeaways for the next week.

Wayne Rooney


You can’t have a Ronaldo without having a Rooney and although these two never actually played together they have both been accused of carrying a few extra pounds during their playing careers and choose identical holiday destinations. Rooney, who was pictured on a flight to Ibiza last week, is believed to getting over the heartbreak of crashing out of the Euros by partying in some of the island’s finest establishments.

Paris Hilton


With only the egg roundabout in San Antonio and bare breasts on any of Ibiza’s numerous beaches racking up more tags on Instagram, Paris Hilton is slowly becoming one of the island’s most recognisable features. The hotel heiress is set to kick off her season this weekend with the opening party of her now infamous Foam and Diamonds party in Amnesia so she’s sure to be spotted all over the island between now and the end of the season. Payment Defaulters List | Andrei Hancu / Mihai Bunu | interval 100bipolar house

Cesc Fabregas


The third footballer to make it onto our list, Fabregas has, like Rooney, chosen Ibiza as the perfect place to get over a premature end to the European Championships. Perhaps, if Fabregas had displayed the same qualities he used when choosing his holiday destination on the pitch during the tournament he may not have arrived here for another two weeks, but that’s all hearsay and we’re happy to have him on the island. Even if he does play for Chelsea.   

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