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Centauro Is Our Number One Choice For Car Rental In Ibiza – Here’s Why!

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Centauro Is Our Number One Choice For Car Rental In Ibiza – Here’s Why!

Hello and welcome back to Ibiza Club News amazing people. Whether you’re currently on the Island under-taking a season of pandemonium or maybe you’re currently in your corporate job thinking “Why am I even sitting here right now”, we come today bearing some insight to the best car rental service on the Island.

Centauro is recognized as one of the best purely due to its affordable prices, easy customer service and the quality of their range of automobiles available. With a Centauro car, you’re unlocking endless possibilities and activities for you and your friends/partner/family can do. Maybe you can go beach hopping? Or maybe explore every inch of the Island? Perhaps you’re a paella enthusiast and want to taste every single paella on the Island, with the power of a car, anything is possible.

We’re also very upto date with the downfalls of some rental services. Some will look great online and when you arrive in Ibiza, you’re met with a bundle of added extra costs on top of what you expected before arriving. With Centauro, we can confirm there’s no added anything, it’s exactly what it says. You can also expect comprehensive insurance without excess, incredibly powerful GPS systems and child seats if you have younglings with you.

We can’t speak any more highly of Centauro and wish for everyone to have the best Ibiza experience possible!

For more info on booking your very own Centauro, head over to their website here.

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