Ibiza's Biggest Audience

Check Out This Breathtaking Private Jet Millionaires Are Taking To Ibiza

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Sick and tired of the long queues through airport security? Tired of no leg room and the stupid amount of time it takes to get off the plane once you land? Of course, you are! We all are! Well, no more we say! We should be treated like Kings and Queens! We should be using private jets!

Ok, stick with me here. You can board the plane minutes before your flight which means you get loads of time to post a picture of your “airport pint” on facebook to let all your mates know you’re going on holidays and they’re not! You get your own security checks so you don’t have to queue for ages and be held up by that bloke who always forgets he has a belt on and a laptop in his bag. And last but by no means least, travelling by private jet is the single most baller thing any one person can do in their lifetime! Imagine the Instagrams!

Wanna see how some of your favourite DJs travel? Wanna see how you deserve to be treated, you handsome devil!? Well, check out the Airbus A318 Elite available to rent for your next Ibiza trip. Here’s hoping you saved your birthday money…

You know it’s good when the word “Elite” is in the title! Gather 17 of your closest rich friends and book this bad boy for your next trip to Ibiza. The A318 Elite provides a lounge, dining area, a private office which converts to a bedroom and bathrooms. You know, just the bare essentials!

Check out some images below of the jet!

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