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Confessions Of A: West End PR

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Confessions Of A: West End PR

The next part of our Confessions Of A: series sees us talking to Jasmine, not her real name, a twenty-five-year-old West End PR who now has three full seasons under her belt. The West End is notorious for bad behaviour so we’re expecting this one to be particularly juicy.

What’s the messiest you’ve ever been in work?

Oh my god, I really don’t want to answer this one but I guess nobody’s gonna know who I am so I may as well. You’ve got to be really chatty to be a PR worker and we’ve to talk to strangers all the time so having a few drinks while you’re working can really help to loosen you up and make everything a little bit easier. I’m a bit of a lightweight when it comes to booze, or at least I was when I first came out here, I could drink a sailor under the table now, hahahaha. So anyway, back in my first season I was working in the Amsterdam Bar and I’d been having a few drinks earlier on in the evening with the girls, when I got to work I was in great form and I was talking to everyone and getting loads of people into the bar. The drinks were flowing for me a little bit too easily and by about 2am I decided I needed to get myself around to KFC and have something to eat to sober me up a bit. The last thing I remember was eating my popcorn chicken, then next of all I had the security guard kicking the bathroom door in on me. I’d fallen asleep on the toilet. Sitting there with my skirt hitched up and my pants around my ankles. Classy or what? I haven’t been back to KFC since.

What’s your best tactic for getting people into the bar?

It’s definitely being flirty with the guys. I’d much rather approach a big group of lads than a group of girls because it’s so much easier to get the lads into the bar with just a little bit of flirting. It can be a bit of a pain in the ass because it brings on quite a bit of unwanted attention but you’ve just gotta suck that up, it’s all just part of the job. Sometimes they get a bit grabby or extra annoying and we get the security guards to deal with them, everyone looks out for each other around here so it never gets too out of hand.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done during work?

Jesus, you can’t be asking a girl questions like this. Erm, there’s quite a few. Look, the West End is a bit of a mad place to work, there’s lots of drinking going on and some of the stuff you see happening can be quite wild so it’s hard not to get caught up in it every once in a while, I’ve always said what happens on the West End stays on the West End but sod that, this is the perfect time for me to break my rule. So, back in my first season, again, I was seeing this lad from Manchester and one night we’d both been on the vodkas and we’d decided to nip into the toilets in the bar for a little, erm, chat. Anyway, one thing led to another and before we knew it we’d been in there for almost half an hour so we needed to get back to work quickly, in all of the excitement, I’d forgot to put me knickers back on and left them in the loo. Fast forward four hours and I was involved in a drunken cartwheel incident down the beach. Let’s just say, all of my mates got a right eyeful when I cartwheeled. Then, to make matters worse, the pair of knickers surfaced the next day in work, so everyone knew I’d been in the bogs shagging. That’s the most embarrassed I’ve ever been.

Got any confessions of you’re own? Let us know in our comments sections and be sure to check back next week for more outrageous Ibiza confessions.

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