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David Guetta Is “Tired” Of EDM

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The end of EDM is near as even French EDM icon, David Guetta, has found it difficult to stay on the EDM hype train. In an interview with The Independent, the Pacha and Ushuaïa resident revealed that he has become tired of the EDM scene not just in Ibiza but as a whole. “I’m going to be honest, in the two last years, that same 128bpm EDM was starting to make me tired. Everybody was playing it“. David Guetta who was a prominent underground DJ in the 90’s (even playing in Space once upon a time) had crossed over to the commercial side of dance music a few years ago with tracks featuring the biggest names in pop.

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Not only has he become tired of EDM but he has become excited about the opportunities for more “experimental” music now that the genre is starting to slow down. “I think it’s an amazing moment for music because it’s the end of a cycle, but that also means the beginning of another one. And I think we can all be experimental, people want new sounds and they’re ready for new ones”. This will send the rumour mills spinning once again after French legends Justice revealed in an interview that David Guetta was making some incredible music under a secret alias.

“I love it. I can remember when I started to make house music, it’s because I didn’t like that pop music was so formatted. When EDM became more formulaic than pop I thought ‘This is crazy!’.”  Could this year be the last year of David Guetta as we know him? What alias could he be working under? Let us know what you think in our Facebook Group!


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