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DC-10 May Be Forced To Close

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What we all need to do here is stay calm. Stay very calm and maybe this will all blow over soon! We hope… News broke this week that the city of Sant Josep is processing several violations made by the legendary DC-10 throughout last summer.

Back in 2008, the club was shut down temporarily for tolerating the consumption of narcotic substances inside the premises. On top of that, the City Council declared the closure of the club for one year due to the fact that the club constantly ran over capacity and the club was fined €300,000.

As of right now, it seems that sound pollution and capacity could be at the root of the problem once again. One thing that could work in DC-10’s favour, however, is the fact that there has been a considerably lower number of complaints this past year than in previous years. The Mayor, Marí Ribas, has said, “I know that all complaints are important and I do not take responsibility but I have known much worse summers, and I remember very clearly the 2016 because it caused me a lot of headache.”

It looks like many of the residents of the area have reached breaking point and want the venue closed for good. When you mix the fact that the residents are so unhappy with the numerous legal violations made by the club, could this finally spell the end for DC-10?

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