Ibiza's Biggest Audience

Did You Know Ibiza Actually Opens THIS Weekend?

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So you’re all getting very exited for Ibiza openings, we see it in our Facebook feeds. “49 Days until Ibiza” and “Only 6 weeks until I’m back on the island!”… Yep, you are all very excited for openings. But there are opening parties, and then there are opening parties! And guess what? Ibiza officially opens for business this weekend!

Here are the 4 venues swinging open their doors and saying their first hello to the Ibiza season 2016!

1. Nassau Beach Club

nassau beach club eivissa

This Saturday sees the return of Nassau Beach Club from Saturday 19th of March from 1pm. Once the doors are open, they’re staying open until November! Nassau will be open every day, and on Friday and Saturday nights from onwards of Saturday. This weekend’s event has DJ’s Tom Pool, Dazzla, David Crops & More. We might even see you there!

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