DJs & Punters Are Losing Their Hearing In Clubs – Here’s Why!

People losing their hearing including DJ’s and punters seems to be a bit of a topic that gets’s looked over easily when people visit the Island and clubbing culture in general. There are most definitely placements in effect to raise awareness of this topic, but I still feel not enough. Why is every punter not given a basic pair of earplugs before entering into any club on the Island? It seem’s that people don’t understand how precious our hearing really is and once it gets damaged there’s nothing you can do at all to heal it.

After visiting Ibiza for the first time, I didn’t really understand the sound levels some of the clubs actually go to. Walking into DC10 for the first time truly blew me away…  I’ve never felt such power in a sound-system. As I started to venture around to get my wits about the venue, I noticed a good few people with pieces of wet tissue in their ears which got me a bit cautious of what to expect later on in the night.

As the night progressed, I worried with my hearing, 3 am struck in the main room and Steve Lawler had just let rip ‘House Record’ and my ears started to feel buzzy and a bit fragile. I had to take 2-3 breaks outside until the end as I felt my ears were going to pop at any point – It was definitely one of the scary moment’s in my clubbing experience and put it all into perspective on how precious our hearing is.

It poses the question though, why are people losing their hearing in clubs?

When sound hits our eardrum, it causes the eardrum to vibrate. When the ear drums vibrate from the sound it moves the minuscule ossicles. The ossicles consist of the hammer, anvil and the stirrup. These three act together to help the sound waves move along to reach to the inner ear.

With the insane sound levels, the clubs on the Island reach the sound can easily tear and damage the ear drum without proper care or protection. One of the most common symptoms of hearing loss in ‘tinnitus’. A symptom that nobody wants to be diagnosed with at any point in their life. There have been a handful of reported stories of superstar DJ’s diagnosed with tinnitus and they can’t speak any more on it including Eats Everything, Paul Oakenfold & more.

How can you preserve your hearing and avoid hearing loss?

Wear ear plugs

  • It’s fairly straight forward, go out get yourself a decent pair of ear plugs. They will decrease the number of decibels that can get into your ears, resulting in the sound levels not being able to damage your precious ear drums.  Ear plugs come in all different shapes and sizes and adjustable filters to suit every person’s individual needs.

Rest your ears

  • You’ve gone out the last 6 nights in a row and your ears are truly rallied. They feel sore, fragile and are needing some time to relax. Listen to what they’re telling you, lay off the clubs for this night and get back and involved the day after. You will be eternally grateful at the end of it.

Cotton Swabs

  • As good as these pieces of cotton make your ears feel, there have been numerous stories about people pushing them too far into their inner ear after getting ringing sounds after a night out in the clubs thinking that it would help, when in reality, they’ve just added more damage. So, be careful with these swabs and think twice about putting them into your ears.

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