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Doorly Gets Weird With Wunderground

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If you’ve been to Ibiza at any point over the last ten years you’re sure to have come across Doorly. One of the island most respected resident DJs, Doorly has consistently delivered quality mixes for the likes of Ibiza Rocks, Sankeys and more recently with his Doorly & Friends residency about to kick off at Space Sundays this week.

Last Friday, Doorly and those crazy bastards over at Wunderground launched their brand new mix series, Wunderground Presents: Doorly’s Roadshow of Wrong (Episode 1: Biscuits). Mark the date in your calendar folks because this was the day that music changed forever.

With some really strong musical content, Doorly constructed a mix that really takes you on a journey. A fucking weird and wonderful journey. Interwoven with some of DJ’s favourite hilarious YouTube videos, this mix will leave you tapping your feet, scratching your head, contemplating the structure of the universe and at the end begging for more.

If you haven’t heard it already, do yourself a favour and spend the next two hours going on a cosmic journey. It’s very wrong but completely right.

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