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Everything You Need To Know About The Current Ibiza Car Hire Controversy

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There’s been a lot of speculation this week over shark car hire rental services in Ibiza ripping off European holiday makers. Visitors to the Island are starting to feel a little bit clueless when they are renting vehicles over on the Isle as the employee’s at some of these service desks are adding on Ludacris add-ons to their package that has no real value to them. On top of the add-ons, some of the services are charging for damage done to the cars when in reality, there’s been no damage done at all.

The majority of the time, these deals are bought in their home country before they venture off to the Isle, which is one of the worst parts of this controversy. It seems when these firms are approached they are completely silent to any of these claims and are not taking responsibility for any of it. All of this is just adding up more bills for people wanting to just enjoy their holiday.

It seems some of the rental companies are also engaged fully in anti-competitive practices by refusing to accept some of the policies offered by rivals which cover the extra charges customers would have to pay in the event of an accident. It’s seeming to become apparent that they sometimes may have even lied about what these policies cover.

One woman had to say “They blocked our card for £800 and told us we had to take out their insurance and pay a fuel surcharge. There needs to be laws to regulate these sharks”

We’re not condoling that these are actually happening, but highlighting the controversy around this topic!

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