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Fear Not Ibiza Scots… The Highlander Just Stockpiled 20 Crates Of Old Recipe Irn-Bru

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For the Scots among us, Irn-Bru is considered sacred. As an Irish guy writing this post, I really just don’t understand it but I don’t judge. It’s as sacred to the Scots as Guinness is to me.

News broke recently that Irn-Bru would never be the same again and it’s all down to the new sugar tax. Producers of the iconic drink, Barrs, revealed they would be cutting the sugar content from 10.3g per 100ml to 4.7g which is under the 5g tax threshold.

Once news broke angry Scots started stockpiling the old recipe Irn-Bru to avoid the change for as long as possible. Thousands of fans across the globe did just that and The Highlander in San Antonio followed suit. Any Scot in Ibiza will be familiar with The Highlander and the legendary bar stockpiled 20 crates of the old recipe Irn-Bru for Ibiza based ravers in need of a taste from home.

The Highlander has 480 cans of the sugary goodness in stock but we suspect that won’t last them very long. Many fans were hoping that they could purchase the old recipe abroad considering the sugar tax is only implemented in The UK but Barrs shut down that speculation confirming no country will stock the old full-sugar version.

It’s a sad day for Scots all over the world but at least the Ibiza based Scots will be satisfied for a little bit longer thanks to The Highlander!

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