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Hannah Wants Accused Of Stealing Boddika’s Music

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Birmingham DJ and producer, Hannah Wants, has come in for some criticism after being accused of ripping off someones work and passing it off as her own brand new track ‘Found the Ground’. Comparisons between the track and Joy O & Boddika’s 2013 banger, ‘Mercy (Boddika VIP)’ were made yesterday by Ibiza resident Patrick Nazemi.

In a Facebook live video (which has since been removed), a clearly worked up Nazemi plays both tracks simultaneously and his heard exclaiming “It’s the same track” and “This is the best beat matching I’ve ever done”.  

It’s hard to argue with him, the tracks are pretty much identical, it also hasn’t helped that it has since been removed from Soundcloud while other interviews, tweets and videos of Wants, seem to prove that she was aware of the tune prior to the release of ‘Found the Ground’, playing it at least once in Leeds in 2014.


The tune is still scheduled for release later this week on September 16 and is also due to appear on Wants’ ‘fabriclive 89’ the same day. Whether it can be released now is unclear, though it would be difficult considering the backlash. While no-one wants to accuse anyone of nicking someone else’s tune, the similarities are so clear that it’s hard to deny.  

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