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Can You Help Us Deliver This 16 Year Old Letter Written In Ibiza?

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Can You Help Us Deliver This 16 Year Old Letter Written In Ibiza?

Here at Ibiza Club News HQ, we love two things; Ibiza and social media. They’re our bread and butter, our ying and our yang, our Robson and our Jerome, we could go on like this forever but, alas, we’ve got something we really want to share with you so for the sake of saving time I’ll stop rambling like a sentimental buffoon and get on with it. Every so often, the universe throws our two passions together and gives us something really special, this is definitely one of those occasions.

A recently created Facebook group for Ibiza Workers who were on the island between the years 2000 and 2010 has been throwing all sorts of weird and wacky stories from the first decade of this century into our newsfeed. It’s mad to think how much social media has changed the way we interact with people and how easy it is for us all to stay in contact with one and other nowadays but, for a lot of people in this group, that wasn’t the case. Many people who had created some really great memories together during a summer in Ibiza went home in September or October and then possibly never saw, or heard from, each other again. This group is reconnecting a lot of these people, which is great to see, but there is one story that really sticks out.

The year was 2002, long before the days of Facebook or Twitter, and two workers met and had a bit of a fling in Ibiza. Nothing special here, it happens every year, but, in this story, the season was cut short for one of the young lovers. Afy, a lad from Newcastle, was forced to leave the island on short notice and never got the chance to say goodbye to his BFF, Sarah Wood, a young lady from the Liverpool/Cheshire area. Sarah wrote Afy a letter, as was common practice at the time, and gave it to a friend of his, Michael Levy, to deliver at a later date. However, life got in the way and Michael and Afy lost contact. Fast forward sixteen years and Michael and Afy have found each other through this group and the letter is currently en route. You have to love the power of social media, and also Michael’s longstanding commitment to delivering the letter.

However, there is still one piece of this puzzle missing, Sarah Wood. She’s not a member of the group and nobody seems to know her. We really want to find her and let her know her letter has been delivered. So, are you Sarah Wood? Do you know Sarah Wood? Have you kept in contact with Sarah Wood? If you answered yes to any of these questions please let her know and tell her to get in contact.

Please help us reconnect these people and share this story with anyone who was working in Ibiza around the year 2002.

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