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Here’s A List Of Reasons Why Eric Prydz In Hï Tonight Is A Must!

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Here’s A List Of Reasons Why Eric Prydz In Hï Tonight Is A Must!

Hello, readers of Ibiza Club News and welcome back to another glorious article. For today’s edition, I’m gonna step aside from my alioli infused lunch to talk about Eric Prydz tonight at Hï! There’s been quite a lot of positivity and popularity around Tuesdays as a whole! How could there not be though with the dance music icon Eric Prydz at the helm of Playa d’en Bossa’s newest super-club? In saying that, I’m gonna give you the run-down of why you should be getting down to tonight.


The newest super-club to Playa den Bossa is the home to some of the biggest events on the Island this season! With Eric Prydz being one of them. Originally when the change was made from the legendary Space to Hï, it had a lot of people eery to see if it matched what Space had offered to so many clubbers across the world! We can happily say, it’s matched the expectations of many and is simply unlike anything else on the planet!

With the sheer amount of production that goes into every event, every room and every corner of the venue, it’s understandable why it’s one of the most popular this season.


If you’re unsure of what to expect visually with Eric Prydz on Tuesdays, you’re in for a complete experience you’ll get no-where else. From the get-go, you’ll be experiencing a moving roof above your head, hundreds of light variants, blinding strobes, lasers and everything under the sun you could imagine to heighten your senses!


Aside from Eric Prydz laying down the chaos in the theatre, the club-room has become extremely popular this season. Hosted every week by the Manchester duo ‘Solardo‘, they’ve curated an extremely suited line-up tonight including Lauren Lane, Mason Maynard, and Caravaca. Now the visuals aren’t going to be as striking as the theatre of course, but the stripped back feel to the room will have you completely engaged with the music. Expect some of the finest house and techno echoing through this room tonight!

Tickets below:

Eric Prydz @ Hï Tickets

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