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How To Be An Ibiza Worker: Finding Accommodation

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How To Be An Ibiza Worker: Finding Accommodation

Every week we’re going to be bringing you exclusive tips, tricks and advice that will make moving to the White Isle as a bonafide Ibiza worker that little bit easier for you. In this week’s edition of How To Be An Ibiza Worker we’re going to be giving you the rundown on everything you need to know about getting yourself sorted with accommodation in Ibiza.

Some of you will like to be super organised and have everything arranged before you arrive in Ibiza, if you’re one of these people, you’ll be glad to know that it is possible to get accommodation sorted before you go but it’s not necessarily going to be something that is easy to do. We would also advise that if you are planning to arrange everything before you arrive that you exercise extreme caution as every year we hear about people getting ripped off by dodgy estate agents and landlords and you really don’t want to ruin your summer before you even arrive. Do some research on whatever agency you use to find your new gaff and try to talk to someone with some island experience before committing to anything.

For those of you who are a little more relaxed about things, simply book yourself a week in a hotel, get to the island and go looking for a place to stay once you arrive. This is definitely the route we would advise you to take. There are a lot fewer risks involved and it’ll give you the chance to get the feel of your new digs before you make any sort of commitment. There are loads of workers bars around the place with notice boards that are full of people looking for roommates, so whether you’re looking to find enough people to fill a place or simply find a bed in someone else’s apartment, there’s sure to be plenty of options for you on your arrival. Join Facebook groups and get vocal. Ask if there is anyone looking to fill space in their apartment or try to find people who arrive on a date similar to yours, you might just meet your new best friend by doing this, so don’t be shy.

When you arrive in Ibiza, there are a lot of agencies that you can use to help you find a gaff for the summer. Do a bit of research and ask other workers, people who have done a few seasons will almost certainly know someone who can help you out finding a place and this will be a good way to try and make sure you’re not dealing with a dodgy agency.

Don’t hold your breath for something luxurious but likewise don’t settle for something that isn’t up to scratch. In general, workers’ accommodation is quite basic but once you’re not expecting The Ritz, you’ll find something that will cater for all of your needs. Prepare to be living in close quarters with people as most apartments will be filled to the brim but this will also ensure that you get the cheapest possible rent for the summer.

When you’re renting a place you will most likely be asked to sign a lease, normally they run from May until October but people will almost certainly come and go in that time, it’s totally normal for that to happen in Ibiza and beds are never usually left empty for too long so don’t worry if someone in your apartment decides they’ve had enough and packs up to go home, you won’t be long filling the space. You will be required to pay your first months rent and a deposit, normally one months rent, and in a lot of cases an agency fee, again usually one months rent, so you will need to have three months rent up front and ready to pay to secure your spot.

We hope you’re finding our How To Be An Ibiza Worker Series helpful. Are there any topics you would like us to cover? Is there anything you would like to add that you think people may find helpful? Get in touch and let us know your thoughts.

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