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How To Be An Ibiza Worker: Getting To Ibiza

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How To Be An Ibiza Worker: Getting To Ibiza

Last week we brought you the very first part of our How To Be An Ibiza Worker series, we’re hoping that after reading it some of you may have made the decision to follow your dreams and make the big move in 2019. So, if we did  get through to you and help you make up your mind you’ll need to start keeping your eye on Ibiza Club News for your weekly fix of tips and advice about making your move to Ibiza as hassle-free as possible.

This week, we’ll be looking at exactly what you need to do to set the wheels of your future in motion. So, if your serious about making the move, the very first thing you’re going to need is a flight to the White Isle. Now, if you’ve been to Ibiza a couple of times before you might be thinking that the season doesn’t really get going until some time in June and, for a tourist, you’d be right but for workers the season kicks off much earlier. By the time June rolls around, all of the best jobs and rooms are long gone and it can be a real struggle to get settled, especially for a first timer. 

Our advice would be the that the earlier you book your flights the better. Now, we’re not talking about booking a flight for January 1st, unless you’re planning on going to DC10’s New Year’s Day party, but early May or even April is the time to go if you want to give yourself time to find a good job and some nice accommodation. Book yourself a one-way flight and you can worry about getting home later in the season.

The only problem with an early arrival is, you won’t be starting work for a few weeks or possibly even a month depending on how early you get there and where you get a job. So, you will need to make sure you have enough money to support yourself when you arrive. If you’ve been to Ibiza as a tourist, you’re probably thinking you’ll never be able to support yourself for a month but when you’re a worker it’s a different proposition altogether. You can book a hostel for pretty cheap this time of year so it’s a good idea to check in somewhere for a couple of weeks until you get yourself sorted. Arriving early will also give you time to get your NIE number which is essential if you want to work in Spain. We’ll go into getting an NIE number in more detail at a later date.

Before you get anywhere near Ibiza, it’s definitely a good idea to join some Facebook groups. You’re going to be moving into a community of workers and there are plenty of online groups where you can get to know the people you’ll be spending the summer with long before you ever step foot on a plane. These groups can be great for helping to find housemates, jobs and just asking for advice from people who have been there and done that many times before.

We hope you’re finding our How To Be An Ibiza Worker guide helpful, if there’s anything you’d like us to cover, or anything you’d like to add, let us know in our comments section. Check back next week for more tips and advice.

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