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Ibiza Hotel Owners Are Building A System To Ban Some British Tourists

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It’s definitely clear that some people can get a bit carried away on holidays more than others… But Hotel owners on the Island have seemed to have enough of some of these people. A selection of these hotel folk is looking to share personal information on troublemakers including their names, nationalities, and passport/ID numbers so they are able to be identified and banned entry to any hotels. This kind of action from the Ibiza residents is a similar program that their Mallorcan neighbors Magaluf and Palma Nova have put into action.

Juano Planells, the head of hotel associations in San Antonio said he was  “studying the initiative”, and established a total figure of 47 people was asked to hotels last month due to some form of misbehavior and it totaled out at 94% of them actually being British.

He spoke out after the very sad passing of Callum Marriot, the British tourist who fell through a skylight on a 13-storey apartment block “It’s a very good measure. We have guests whose behavior leaves a lot to be desired. There should be a way of identifying people who only come to Ibiza to misbehave, destroy things, and don’t respect anything.”

Is this the right thing to do for Ibiza and its safety of others?


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