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Ibiza Rocks Confirm Another Massive Pool Party Residency

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So far, 2019 has been nothing but endless social media posts about people changing their ways in the year to come. Like every other year before it, we’re pretty sure that 2019 is definitely not going to be the year where people change and we reckon there’s about another week before everyone admits that it’s going to be “new year same them” and just get on with it.

The same, to a certain degree, can also be said about Ibiza Rocks. However, unlike all of the people we know on social media, their announcement has been way less drawn out and nowhere near as annoying and we’re delighted to find out that at least one element of their summer schedule will be staying just like it was last year, with the incredibly talented Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago returning for another round of pool parties in the San Antonio hotel.

Following on from the success of their parties in Ibiza Rocks last year, Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago will be bringing their vibes poolside every Monday for a run of five weeks between 27 May and 24 June.  Expect high energy sets and sunshine soundtracks, all wrapped up in the duo’s signature tropical island atmosphere.

Last year’s parties proved to be extremely popular, even having two extra dates add to meet demand, so tickets for these events will be like gold dust in five month’s time. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about this because you can grab yours over on the Ibiza Rocks website now.

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