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Ibiza Wish List: Somebody Spend Some Money On Privilege

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Ibiza Wish List: Somebody Spend Some Money On Privilege

Here at Ibiza Club News HQ, we have a pretty high opinion of our opinions. We like to think that we know absolutely everything about Ibiza and what is best for the island. We probably don’t, but that’s not going to stop us telling you exactly what those things are. So, to enable ourselves to pass on our own incessant rumblings as genuine content, we’ve created our Ibiza Wish List series, where we can pretty much say whatever we want about whatever we want. How bloody awesome?

In all seriousness though, a lot of the time we’ll be looking at some pretty big issues on the island and simply giving our opinion on how best to fix them, like reflecting on what makes the island different from it’s glory years or simply imagining being able to eat McDonald’s chicken nuggets in San Antonio. This week, Privilege is the center of our attention. Notably, how the club has been let fall by the wayside and the lack of investment that has been put into it in recent years.

What we would love to see, is for someone to take control of Privilege and come at it with an open checkbook and turn it back into the behemoth that it deserves to be. Simples! Surely there’s a billionaire playboy, or girl, out there with more money than sense who’s willing to invest a couple of mill in the club and bring it back to its former glory.

Anyone who has ever been inside Privilege will know the sheer scale of the club deserves to have the place busy and booming. It’s such a shame to have the title of “world’s biggest nightclub” but never have the place anywhere near capacity. The Vista Club alone, Privilege’s side room is an awesome venue and watching the sun come up while the place is in full swing is truly one of the most memorable things to do in Ibiza, but when you’re in there you can’t help but think the place needs some heavy investment to be able to compete with the island’s other superclubs.

2017 gave us all a glimpse of what could have been with Privilege, with Pure Carl Cox and afterlife both calling the San Rafael club home for the season. However these residencies were both extremely short lived with neither brand returning for the 2018 season. We would love to see Privilege with a couple of parties worth of the club’s main room and see the glory days return to the club. Bring back Manumission!

What do you think of our Ibiza Wish List? Do you have a wish list of your own and is there anything on it that you would like to see us cover? Get in touch and let us know your thoughts.

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