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Ibiza Wish List – Take The Roof Off DC10 Terrace

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Ibiza Wish List – Take The Roof Off DC10 Terrace

Hearing stories about how Ibiza’s not what it used to be is nothing new to anyone who is a regular visitor to the island. We hear them on a near daily basis and we’re as aware as anyone else about the changes that have taken place on the island over the last few years. Change is a natural part of the entertainment industry. It happens for a reason, it helps to keep things fresh and relevant and builds appeal with the next generation of fans.

So, we can see the benefit of change and we’re happy to embrace it but we don’t always agree with it. Every so often a change comes along that seems to baffle us and we can’t quite put our finger on why it happened. That got us to thinking, what if we had a wish list and we could change anything about Ibiza we wanted with a click of our fingers. That would be pretty damn awesome, right?

The first thing on our Ibiza wish list would be to have the roof removed from the DC10 terrace. A lot of you probably don’t remember DC10 before they put the roof on the terrace but for some of our older readers, the memory of the terrace pre 2006 is probably still pretty fresh in your heads. Without wanting to sound over dramatic, a little piece of DC10’s magic died the day they covered the terrace. The club has always felt like something different to the island’s other clubs and putting the roof on made it feel like it was conforming to the superclub code. It lost some of its appeal and almost instantly became less underground.

Don’t get us wrong, we still love DC10 and the vibe inside the club but if we could swap the current atmosphere for one from before the roof was put on, we’d do it in a heartbeat. Obviously, there’s more at play than just the roof, the opening hours were completely different and the island had more of a hedonistic atmosphere to it back then, with everything working together to making those days some of the best we ever experienced. What we wouldn’t give to be watching planes flying directly over our heads while winding our days away on the DC10 terrace again.

So, what do you think of our Ibiza wish list? What would have on an Ibiza wish list of your own? Let us know in our comments section.

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