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Is Carl Cox About To Leave Privilege?

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Is Carl Cox About To Leave Privilege?

Well it’s March, and as usual the Ibiza rumour mill is kicking into overdrive and spinning at a greater RPM than the wheels of a Ryanair flight full of eager island hoppers landing at Ibiza Airport.

Everyday here at Ibiza Club News HQ, we put our Pina Coladas down for a couple of minutes and try to fan the flames with a bit of investigative journalism, and by that we mean scouring our Facebook newsfeed until we find something that resembles a massive story to break. Normally, we come up with nothing better than hearsay and conjecture but today it looks like we may actually be on to something big, in fact it’s bigger than big, this could be FUCKING HUGE.

With announcements coming thick and fast, as is normal for this time of year, you would think there would be some clarity around the undisputed King of the Island’s home for the season. After Space closed, we all wondered where Carl Cox would end up, nobody saw Privilege coming, it took all of us by shock, but it’s fair to say that Coxy and the team at Game Over absolutely smashed the pants of it last summer.

That gets us thinking, if they were returning for another season, surely Privilege would be making a big song and dance about it and pushing it as their flagship night for the summer. But still not a peep from the club, Cox or Game Over. Surely something is brewing.

Plus, as if complete radio silence wasn’t enough to get the rumour juices well and truly flowing, this morning, all of the artwork on the Pure Carl Cox social media channels went completely dark. Maybe it’s just a fuck up by the new social media intern but we happen to believe it means an announcement about Coxy’s future is imminent. A move would mean a massive plus for one of the island’s other clubs but also a monstrous loss for Privilege, many thought that Cox showing up there last year was the sleeping giant finally waking up but a move could see the giant putting his head back down for another forty winks. What will happen? Only time will tell.

Whatever the future holds for Cox and Game Over, their track record of running top notch parties in recent years means we’re in for a real treat with them this year, where ever they pop their head up next. Either way, the word coming down the Ibiza grapevine is that an announcement is imminent! 

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