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Is Do Not Sleep Headed For Amnesia This Season?

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Is Do Not Sleep Headed For Amnesia This Season?

We’re slowly but surely getting closer to kicking off another season on the Isle and as usual the rumour mill is in full motion.

Do Not Sleep, a well-established brand in Ibiza, has thrown some seriously good parties since their debut season in 2015. Starting off in Privilege, moving to Space in 2016 for the club’s last ever summer and last year’s great success in Sankeys, they’ve gone from strength to strength every year. As of yet, there has been no announcement about this summer and it has us wondering if they will they be relocating again this year? With no sign of life coming from Sankeys in any way, they have to be going somewhere, surely?

Now, as we’re the media and it’s our job to get down to the bottom of these things and stuff, we heard a little something through the grapevine that suggests there are rumors floating around the Island about a potential transfer over to Amnesia! And of course, Cream & Cocoon have both relocated to other clubs, which leaves a lot of headroom and the possibility for Do Not Sleep to slot themselves seamlessly into Amnesia. Is this the PERFECT solution for both Amnesia and Do Not Sleep? Only time will tell.

It’s only a rumor, but one thing’s for certain we’re looking forward to seeing what Do Not Sleep’s next chapter is on the Island.

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