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Jacky To Launch His Very Own Label

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Jacky To Launch His Very Own Label

If you’ve been to Ibiza in the last few years you’ve probably come across one of the industries hottest emerging talents at the moment, Jacky. The DJ’s fun onstage presence and healthy bonce of beautiful curly hair make him a real eye catcher, his tunes aren’t bad either, which has made him one of our “ones to watch” on the island for the past couple of years.

One of Defected’s most popular residents in both 2017 & 2018, it’s no surprise that Jacky has found himself exposed to mountains of new music and for him, his very own label seemed the best way to share what he was hearing with the world.

Later this month, Jacky & Friends launches, and what better way for the label to hit the ground running than an absolute weapon of a four track EP.

The EP features two tracks from Jacky, Uhh Ohh and Another Place, with absolutely massive remixes from Kreature and Huxley respectively making up tracks three and four. Uhh Ohh EP drops on January 25 and we’re extremely to hear the first offering from what is sure to be the biggest label launch of the year so far.

As if launching a new label wasn’t enough, Jacky also sets sail on a nine-date tour of Australia and New Zealand in early February so, if you’re living down under, be sure to check his tour calendar for a show near you.

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