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Looks Like We Finally Know Who Gave Mike Posner A Pill In Ibiza

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Looks Like We Finally Know Who Gave Mike Posner A Pill In Ibiza

Every year there are a number of tracks with a legitimate claim to being the biggest track of the summer. In 2015, Mike Posner’s multi platinum smash hit, I Took a Pill in Ibiza, was definitely one of those tracks.

There are many mysteries in the world; who drank the last beer? How the fuck did the Egyptians build the pyramids? And of course, the big one, who gave Mike Posner a pill in Ibiza?

Now, almost three full years later, the mystery has finally been solved  after an Irishman named Bren Dunne Tweeted a picture of himself and the singer asking “member that pill I gave you at Avicii in Ibiza”.

Posner, who claimed to be in Ibiza with Avicii at the time having recorded a track with him in Sweden the previous week, was quick to respond to the Dubliner and asked why it had taken so long for him to reach out. 

This is another great example of the power of social media and it’s ability to help people reconnect with each other no matter how far apart they are.

Have you ever had an experience lie this or do you believe it was actually you who gave  Mike Posner a pill in Ibiza? Let us know your thoughts in our comments section.

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