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Martinez Brothers Take Over This Intimate Bunker This Weekend

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Have you ever been to a club and grown tired of cameras? Grown tired of the clubber next to you taking their phone out and recording long videos with the flash on their phone? It’s a vibe killer! Clubbing should be how it used to be. All about the music and vibe created in the room with likeminded individuals who are there for one reason and one reason only… To lose their mind to the selections of the DJ. That’s exactly what Shelter Amsterdam is.

Shelter can be found below Overhoeksplein in the most Southern tip of Amsterdam-Noord. They have a vibe like no other and are all about “clubbing as it should be”. Put your phones away and lose yourself in the moment and what a night they have in store this weekend.

Shelter Amsterdam 2018 Martinez Brothers William Djoko

DC-10 regulars The Martinez Brothers and Shelter resident William Djoko will take over the club for a night of fun on February 3rd. The Martinez Brothers bring a relentless energy to their sets and when you pair that with the setting of Shelter, you are in for one hell of a ride!

From 11 PM until 8 AM you will be treated to the finest selections from the Bronx brothers and their close friend Djoko so be prepared for a marathon party. The sound system is one of the most finely tuned systems you will find in Europe and beyond and quickly became a favourite of some of the biggest names on the underground circuit.

Cocoon regular and minimal legend Ricardo Villalobos extended his set by four hours during his recent show in the club. After falling in love with the vibe and the sound system he continued on to an adoring crowd until the lights came on. Clubbing is made up of several special moments and that is without a doubt a defining moment for Shelter.

Shelter Amsterdam Ricardo Villalobos 2018 The Martinez Brother William Djoko

This is a show you will not want to miss. Shelter is a club that everyone should experience sooner rather than later!

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