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Music Banned From 16 Of Ibiza’s Biggest Venues

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The luscious golden sandy beaches of Ibiza are some of the best in the world. From the beginning of dance music in Ibiza, the beaches have always been a haven for this kind of music. Sizzling hot temperatures, cold drinks and some of the best music in the world… you can understand why they’ve always had such a big reputation on the Island for everyone visiting.

The beaches have accommodated to music changes throughout the years just like the clubs have gone.

The San José Municipal has officially put a plan into effect, that 16 of the Island’s top beach clubs are no longer allowed to have music including; DJs or live music. Some of the clubs affected are Blue Marlin, Bora Bora, CBBC & more, all extremely well known and visited daily venues on the Island. The thought of no music at Bora Bora Sundays is heartbreaking.

The municipal is cracking down swiftly on these venues as they believe they have this notion that the beaches are solely for their consumers and nothing more. They believe that taking away dance music and music entirely from these hot spots are going to keep the locals and tourists happy. Reports also tell us that, some of the security guards have been extremely aggressive when asking the nonclub-goers to leave the premises.

The local authorities had to say “Although, all the clubs in question may have registered with the central island government, the Consell, that is only a small part of the authority and registration they must hold to be a beach club. San José says that the clubs must also gain permission from them as the local council and that none of them have done so.”

It’s not the only restriction that has been implemented of late, there was another restriction passed only two weeks ago stating that some of these outdoor venues noise levels have been far too overboard and must lower their allowed amounts of 85db to 65db next season. If you’ve ever been to Ibiza, you would know this is a fairly drastic change. In saying that, the fines for people that don’t obey these rules are hefty.

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