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Pacha To Go Back In Time With Future Disco

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Future Disco are bringing the heat to one of the best venues on the island, Pacha, on Thursday the 18th of May which will mark the kick off for another huge Ibiza season.

With 6 years experience on the island on the Sunset Terrace of Space providing the soundtrack for Carl Cox, Future Disco will return with a new party in Pacha for this year. Their glamorous and flamboyant parties will lend themselves well to the atmosphere that Pacha is famous for.

The lineup will include the amazing Horse Meat Disco who will bring their trademark sound to the club. Bringing music with substance and feeling the Horse Meat Disco crew will create a vibe like no other on the island. They will also be joined by Melon Bomb, the Future Disco DJs and Graham Sahara on the night.

Future Disco resident and label chief Sean Brosnan said, “Pacha existed before the days of house and has always been the centre of the world’s parties.I want it to really feel like we are going back to what Ibiza used to be, more about eclectic music, party, expression, experimentation.”

In what is sure to be one of the funkiest parties of the season, it’s good to see people paying homage to the sound that turned the island into what it is today.

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