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Past & Present: 7 Mixes From Carl Cox That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Carl Cox the legendary figure of electronic dance music and the man who has been Djing for over 30 years, an achievement in itself. Being one of the key figures of Ibiza with his ‘Music Is  Revolution’ 15 years residency and holding such a high reputation globally and for good reason. We take a look at Carls top 7 mixes dating back from 1993 all the way to 2013.

Carl Cox Dance Planet Return of the Hardcore part – 1992

This mix at Planet Return of the Hardcore shows just how long Carl has been around. Relentless and energetic are the words to describe this mix, not to also mention the MC adding an extra layer to everything.


Carl Cox Loveparade 1994

What looks to be close to over a million people in attendance, Carl’s mix at Loveparade back in 1994, was dubbed as one of the greatest trance mixes of all time with just two turntables and a mixer.

Carl Cox Boiler Room Ibiza Villa Takeovers DJ Set 2016

Anyone who is somewhat up to date with the incredible Boiler Room sessions, you’re sure to have seen this one with Carl Cox. Effortlessly blending house, afro and soul in a seamless mix in the perfect setting of his own villa.  The last track just sends everyone on a rampage of happiness at the end.

Carl Cox Essential Mix 09-10-1994

Carl Cox – Live @ Dance Valley 2001

This was actually the biggest crowd to have ever been at attendance to a festival in Amsterdam ever back in 2001. The intro for this one would give anyone goosebumps. Rave anthems and extremely effortless fast mixing from the master. The crowd is going absolutely bonkers and for good reason!

Carl Cox & Green Velvet @ exit 2009.

6 CDJs and two mixers with two techno giants, Carl Cox & Green Velvet. Both of them come together for at the famous ‘exit’ festival in Serbia for  an eclectic mix of tech house & techno. What more could you want?

Carl Cox | Space Opening Party (Ibiza) 2013

This is a firm favourite of ours and is one of Carl’s most respected mix’s online.  This mix featured on DanceTrippin, gives a perfect example of the atmosphere his ‘Music Is Revolution’ parties created in Space.

If you listen to all of the mixes it shows the incredible music knowledge and diversity he has in sets and how his sound developed from his earliest to his latest. Carl Cox is a true pioneer of electronic dance music.

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