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Predictions: Affordable Club Tickets

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Predictions: Affordable Club Tickets

We’re so bored with the actual news, so we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves and just make up our own. Now, before you say it, we’re not talking about fake news, we’re not Wunderground, or are we?, we’re talking about making predictions about what we think might happen on the island next season and beyond.

This week we’re going to put our money where our mouth is and make a prediction for you, the people, by predicting that we could see more affordable clubbing for everyone on the island through reduced ticket prices. It’s no secret, Ibiza is expensive. It’s the kind of place you know you’re going to spend a lot of money, you’re prepared for it when you get there and somehow paying €50+ into a nightclub doesn’t seem that strange.

But, have you ever actually stopped and thought about it, you’d never pay that at home so why should you have to settle for it while you’re in Ibiza. Surely the clubs are big enough and making enough money to reduce the ticket prices, even just a little.

This year, more than any we can remember, some of the clubs and nights on the island have seemed quiet. So much so, that we predicted a number of established brands wouldn’t be returning next year. Is it that people are finally sick of paying over the odds for tickets? Are they going to cheaper alternative destinations? Defected seem to think so. Last week they announced 20 shows in 2019 and to celebrate their 20th anniversary they’ve released €20 tickets for each and every show.

That’s a pretty monumental moment for ibiza in our opinion. Defected was one of the island’s busiest nights last year, if anything they could have put their ticket price up, but instead they’ve decided to keep them cheap and even more affordable. We’re expecting them to have another bumper season as a result and hope to see them sell out every single week for being so bloody sound!

So, surely other brands will be looking at what they’re doing and taking notice. If you could have a half full club with expensive tickets or a full club with affordable tickets’ surely you’d choose a full club. It makes perfect sense to us and hopefully it will to some of the islands’s other promoters too. We’d love to see every club on the island at capacity, every night and maybe taking a leaf out of Defected’s book and making it a more affordable experience is the key to this.

Only time will tell if our prediction comes true. What do you think of it?Can you see more affordable club tickets actually happening in Ibiza next year? Or, do you have any predictions of your own? Get in touch and let us know your thoughts.

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