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Reckless “Businessman” Blows Over $26 Million While Partying In Ibiza

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We all have stories of when we went to Ibiza, went a little harder than we should have and after a night of heavy partying, we woke up with no wallet, an empty bank account in a seat on a flight to Malaysia! No? Just me? Well either way, I don’t think anyone could match Marco Nardone’s tale of woe. The 28 year old entrepreneur has had an absolute nightmare and somehow managed to blow close to $26 million which was supposed to be for developing his new social media app on lavish parties in Ibiza.

Nardone, CEO and Founder of Social Media app Fling, threw cash around like no tomorrow spending on 1st class flights to Ibiza, suites in the Ushuaïa Beach Hotel and Michelin star restaurants. While his company, Fling, was on the way out after Apple pulled it from the app store and with his employees working day and night to get the app back on track, Nardone lived the life on the White Isle that we could only dream of!

Many of these trips were well documented on his, now private, instagram profile with selfies at parties with Avicii and snaps from the British Airways Business Class Lounge in Heathrow Airport.

Some of Nardone’s former employees also noted that he dropped a lot of weight once coming home from Ibiza and his mood became “increasingly erratic” during the summer of 2015. Must have just been the Ibiza blues! We’ve all been there!

After running out of funds, almost $5 million of which were his father’s, Fling shut down with little or no explanation to it’s users.

Ibiza is a beast very few people have managed to tame. Nardone is just another one who couldn’t handle it.

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