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REVIBE Have Created A New Energy Product To Help You Rave For Longer!

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REVIBE Have Created A New Energy Product To Help You Rave For Longer!

We’re all quite accustomed to getting tired after raving for 8 hours, but have you ever thought to yourself “When will there be a proper supplement that will keep me going for much longer”, Well, I’m delighted to say that it’s finally here.

Coming to you from veterans of the biggest and best parties around, they’re here to give a bit back to the lifestyle that provides so much for so many. Whether sitting outside your favourite club on day 4 of your trip to the Isle or even back at home about to set off to your local, REVIBE should always be in your back pocket ready to go!

Their flagship product is a great-tasting energy gel which contains, specially formulated with ravers in mind.  Easy to consume, suitable for vegans and containing no caffeine, REVIBE gels give back what the body has lost through dancing, helping you remain fully fuelled and hydrated and allowing you to go harder, for longer*.

Now you may think that it’s a form of energy drink, but is actually a gel! REVIBE does not contain any caffeine at all, but actually contains carbohydrates (in the form of maltodextrin and fructose), electrolytes and b-vitamins, to keep your body revitalized and ready to keep on dancing for as long as possible! It’s also good to mention that the gel is vegan-friendly

While caffeine and other stimulants might pick you up for a while, they don’t give your body any additional energy and may cause you to crash afterward. REVIBE, on the other hand, provides nutrition to your body, helping to replenish muscle glycogen stores and give you the real energy you need to keep going.

It sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

For more info, head over REVIBE’s Facebook HERE!

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